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Is Each Individual Born With a Purpose – Manly P. Hall

We are pleased to bring you this transcribed excerpt from Manly P. Hall.  Is Each Individual Born with a Purpose? 


The Dilemma of Depth Psychology in Relation to Social Change – James Hillman

Perhaps this is why it is so important to the soul to hear the stories of courage and glory, of


How will you introduce yourself to God? Dr Bernie Siegel

Here is a transcribed excerpt from our new online program with Dr Bernie Siegel “One of my workshop questions is,


Balance Your Mind and Emotions With Dr. Emmett Miller Excerpt

We are delighted to bring you part one of this excerpt from Dr. Emmett Miller: Balance Your Mind and Emotions.  Dr.


Hildegard & Eckhart With Matthew Fox

We are delighted to bring you this excerpt from the classic Hildegard & Eckhart from Matthew Fox. “But I’m not


Jon Kabat-Zinn on NPR!

From the interview: JKZ: “In some sense, we’re all living like the proverbial frog in the pot of water which


What Kind of Society Nurtures the Soul?

We are excited to bring you this excerpt from James Hillman’s What Kind of Society Nurtures the Soul?  This lecture


The Art The Life of Stillness

Pico Iyer considers The Art of Stillness the unexpected adventure of staying put and reveals a counterintuitive truth: The more


Feminine Consciousness with Marion Woodman

Marion Woodman believes that centuries of “patriarchal thinking” have stripped the soul from our inner and outer lives and placed


Emotional Stress Excerpt with Manly P. Hall

Please enjoy this transcribed excerpt from Manly P. Hall.  These never before released lectures are considered by the thousands who