Audio Preview

Emotional Stress Excerpt with Manly P. Hall

Please enjoy this transcribed excerpt from Manly P. Hall.  These never before released lectures are considered by the thousands who

Neil deGrasse Tyson: StarTalk Radio, Season 2, Complete Set Preview

 Like the Big Bang itself, StarTalk Radio exploded into existence with Season 1 and the universe hasn’t been the

Pure Water: Poetry of Rumi with Coleman Barks and Eugene Friesen

 A 2009 Nautilus Gold Award Winner, Pure Water is Coleman Barks’ inspired live performance of the poetry of Jellaludin

Psychology of Desire

 It is common in both Buddhism and Freudian psychoanalysis to treat desire as if it is the root of

Four Essentials Of A Dream Relationship Preview

Nearly all of us have an ideal of what a “dream” relationship would be, but very few of us are

The Anger Solution

 This is a unique and powerful approach to Anger and rage. Discover the differences between healthy and harmful anger

Get Real About Climate Change, with Seth Shostak

 In this Star Talk episode, Seth Shostak, SETI Institute Senior Astronomer, is back hosting StarTalk All-Stars as he welcomes

Eclipses + Archetypal Astrology + Game of Thrones With Adam Sommer

In this Synchronicity episode, Buckle up for an eclipse focused, astrological conversation that delves deep in to Game of Thrones

Spiritual Politics with David Silver: Synchronicity Podcast

 In this Synchronicity episode, Noah Lambert and David Silver discuss how to stay open-minded and open-hearted in the age of

Life Beyond Death With Dr. Eben Alexander

 Synchroncity Episode 95 In 2008, Dr. Alexander contracted an extremely rare form of gram-negative bacterial meningitis, which ultimately let