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The Dilemma of Depth Psychology in Relation to Social Change – James Hillman

Perhaps this is why it is so important to the soul to hear the stories of courage and glory, of

How will you introduce yourself to God? Dr Bernie Siegel

Here is a transcribed excerpt from our new online program with Dr Bernie Siegel “One of my workshop questions is,

Pema Chodron on Overcoming Anger

Fear, anger, and hatred, while negative emotions, exist in order to teach us something. When we become aware of our various emotions, we learn why

Making Room for Men in the Women's Movement

Looking around the world today we cannot escape that observation that inequality is pervasive. We may even feel that contemporary

Overcoming Opinions – the Ego or the Self

Have you ever run into challenging opinions that are coming from people you thought you respected, and you just couldn’t understand

Guided Meditations to Overcome Disease

We all experience the dis-ease of modern life. Disease or disfunction on a physical level may lead us to look

How Does Siddhartha Find the Middle Path

The story of Siddhartha teaches us that you do not have to be a monk to attain spiritual enlightenment. While

Herman Hesse; Siddhartha Excerpt

  Enjoy this excerpt from this new translation of the beloved Herman Hesse classic Siddhartha.  Siddhartha chronicles the spiritual evolution

The Power of Divine Eros: The Illuminating Force of Love in Everyday Life

What do passion and desire have to do with spirituality? Conventional wisdom cautions that they are pitfalls on the path,

The UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First with Mark Hyman

• Are you depressed, feeling down, and don’t have the drive to do anything? • Do you find it next