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Dr Emmett Miller – The Neuroscience of mind, basketball and The Brooklyn Dodgers. A wisdom profile

 Emmett Miller, MD talks with Steve Stein and they discuss his journey and path that lead Emmett from the

StreetSmart Mindfulness with Jon Kabat-Zinn

 In this StreetSmart interview, Jon Kabat-Zinn talks about tuning into our senses as a way to meaningful experience, the

Mindfulness in the Digital Age – preview

Please enjoy this preview below. Here is a link to another preview of the program and the opportunity to purchase

Thomas Moore — Does Your iPhone have a Soul?

 Steve Stein interviews Thomas Moore, Best-Selling Author of Care of The Soul. They talk about literature, writing, how Thomas

William Irwin Thompson – The Arc and Evolution of an Iconic Thinker's Career

 “I go way back,” says William. Thompson first encountered Yogananda when he was in high school in the 50s,

Susan Piver – The Four Noble Truths of Love

 Susan Piver talks about her new book, The Four Noble Truths of Love. She goes over the four noble

StreetSmart Conversation with Susan Piver

Susan Piver introduces herself to the BetterListen and WisdomFeed community. Susan is a writer, meditation teacher, Buddhist teacher, and the

William Irwin Thompson Interview

 In this StreetSmart Conversation, Steve Stein introduces and interviews William Irwin Thompson. William is an author that blends many genres

Fulfill Your Potential in Every Area of Life

In this StreetSmart Conversation, Michael Broder, clinical psychologist sits down with Steve Stein founder of BetterListen & WisdomFeed. Broder discusses

How to Turn Fear Into Fulfillment

 In the StreetSmart Conversations video below, Todd Pressman, holistic psychologist, sits down with Steve Stein to discuss: How to find