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A Course In Mindful Living

  Hello, I wanted to let you know about a wonderful online course that starts this October! It’s called A

11 Ways to Ease Your Anxious Mind —FREE Webinar with Elisha Goldstein

11 Ways to Ease Your Anxious Mind A FREE Webinar with Elisha Goldstein, PhD Do you often feel overwhelmed by

The Body Scan — A 10 Minute Practice with Elisha Goldstein

This is a 10-minute practice to bring with you anywhere and anytime to begin training your mind to be more

How Mindfulness Helps You At Work

There is no doubt about it, today’s business is a round-the-clock atmosphere. We are hounded with external pressures, overwhelmed with

Why it's Important to Be Kind to Unkind People

To be human is to be in a relationship with difficult people. The reality is if all the difficult people

Finding Balance of Mind in Troubling Times

There seems to be a whole lot of mind troubling and heart wrenching news in the world today. The world’s

11 Ways to Spice Up Your Life with Mindful Eating

Enjoy these 11 Ways to bring more mindfulness (and happiness) into your daily life. 1. Eat Slightly Slower With the

The Power (and Science) of Music in Mindful Living

Have you ever stopped to think about how profound music has been for you in your life? Just the beginning

Worrying Less in 5 Steps

We’ve all heard the saying that in life there are ups and downs and there is the classic eastern saying

The Relational Neuroscience Behind How to Change a Habit for Good

Most of us walk around in this world in a trance with the delusional belief that we are only autonomous