Emmet Miller

Dr Emmett Miller – The Neuroscience of mind, basketball and The Brooklyn Dodgers. A wisdom profile

 Emmett Miller, MD talks with Steve Stein and they discuss his journey and path that lead Emmett from the

Balance Your Mind and Emotions With Dr. Emmett Miller Excerpt

We are delighted to bring you part one of this excerpt from Dr. Emmett Miller: Balance Your Mind and Emotions.  Dr.

10 Minute Stress Manager

 Guided stress manager by Dr. Emmett Miller. Each of the two experiences here are ten minutes of guided meditation

Guided Meditations to Overcome Disease

We all experience the dis-ease of modern life. Disease or disfunction on a physical level may lead us to look

Dr. Emmett Miller

Dr. Emmett Miller A forefather in creating a holistic approach to healing and the field of mind/body medicine. Dr. Emmett

Awakening The Physician Within – Emmett Miller – Free MP3

Buy Awakening the Physician Within by Dr. Emmett Miller

Dr. Emmett Miller: Mind-Body Healing

Dr. Emmett Miller discusses a radical process of mind-body healing. Dr. Emmett Miller is one of the primary fathers of

Mind-Body Medicine

 Dr. Emmett Miller is a physician, health educator, author, and a pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine. He

Self Acceptance Guided Meditation

Drawing from ancient meditative and prayerful disciplines as well as modern techniques and mind-tools (link to mind tools about page)