George Mumford


What Does Mindfulness Look Like?

In this video, George Mumford talks about observing the present moment and letting that moment speak for itself. Through this


The Mindful Athlete – What Michael Jordan Knew About Success

In this clip, Tai Lopez interviews psychologist George Mumford, an adviser to all-star athletes Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and championship-winning


Pitchers and Catchers, Spring Training, Baseball, and Your Own Personal World Series

Growing up in the ’60s and ’70s in the working-class neighborhood that was Brighton Beach, we were poor, I had


George Mumford Growth Mode Survival Mode Meme

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Athletes Using Mindfulness

More and more young athletes are using mindfulness training to help them improve their overall performance in their sport. By


George Mumford On Mindfulness and Athletics

In this Greater Boston clip, George Mumford, author of “The Mindful Athlete,” talks about the mind-body process as applied to sports.


Guided Meditation for Athletes

Spend some time with the inspirational and insightful George Mumford. For years George has been the secret weapon on Phil


Mindfulness Meditation

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The Mindful Athlete with George Mumford

Mindfulness Audio Programs | Best Sellers | Free & Special Offers