“Before starting a meditation practice, we’re often stuck in the trap of thinking that our happiness lies on the other side of a relationship, or a beautiful house, or another zero in our bank account. But once we start meditating, we realize that our happiness lies inside us, and we stop looking towards outside things to fulfill us. Instead, we start looking for ways to give back and to share our joy and creativity with the world. Before meditation, we are need looking for fulfillment. After meditation, we are fulfillment looking for need.

So, the question then becomes: how do we take action to deliver our fulfillment? How do we learn to listen to our intuition, and to trust that nature is guiding us? When it comes to giving directives, nature is going to give them to the people who are awake and paying attention and listening. So we have to uplevel our consciousness if we want to be able to receive those instructions. Take a listen to learn how you can open up to the limitless potential of your own divinely inspired desires.”

Total run time: 1:04:12

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