In this talk from wisdom 2.0 2018, Radha Agrawal, founder of DayBreaker, discusses creating community for your life or organization. To create community, she says you first need to take a look at your values, interests, and your abilities, instead of looking outward. Once you have a good sense of your values, interests, and abilities (your VIA), you start to build your community around these attributes.
Radha says that any great community requires an intention of DOSE–releasing you dopamine (pleasure), oxytocin (physical touch), serotonin (sense of belonging), endorphins (moving your body). How can you set up your community so you can trigger these states in people? For her, dance is the ultimate weapon for community building. Watch this video for more on creating your dream community.
Check out DayBreaker here.
Also, check out Radha’s book Belong: Find Your People, Create Community, and Live a More Connected Life here. 
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