Cyber Safety and Sanity For Parents – Melissa Straub, Cheryl Brause, Teodora Pavkovic Cyber Salon 1

An Incredible conversation on Digital Parenting with 3 leading experts.
Introducing a new course on Cyber Safety For Parents.
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  • Wisdom feed is the best place to go on line for superior information. I f this valuble words of wisdom is taken to heart and practiced, we can heal this world.
    Alan from Star Gate Awareness Resources in Eugene, Oregon

  • My son is now 49. As he was growing up, I was a single parent (mom) who worked in the tech field. He was VERY interested in computers, and became addicted to computer games and such that were just emerging at that time. I had no idea what do do to help him. He now has 4 kids of his own. I forwarded him your video. Thank you so-o much for talking about this terribly important subject. I cannot thank you enough!!!!!

  • Some friends of mine have tech casts, where they use no tech for a period of time. Sometimes a week-end, or maybe a week, or sometimes even longer. They even ban electric light bulbs and use lanterns. The amber glow was amazing, and I liked the concept. I think I will start doing some of that. Thanks for the wonderful wise topic!

  • Your choice of topics is always beautiful.

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