Digital Sabbath — What’s Your Phone Got To Do With it?

A StreetSmart conversation with a well-known author and founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Steve Stein, founder of WisdomFeed.

How do you manage digital devices in your life, with your family, in your relationships?

Check out Jon’s new program, Mindfulness In The Digital Age.


  • Brett H Bowden

    GREAT stuff, Steve. Namaste.

  • Digital Sabbath thought it was gonna be about rock music!!

    • steve stein

      I like it! Not sure if Tibetan Bells count for “Heavy Metal” thanks for writing!

  • Thanks for thé wisdom!

  • I feel as if the interviewer (at least from his little snippet of video) was not prepared on a deeper level to have this kind of a discussion. Especially if you already have an amazing opportunity to interview/have transformative dialogues with a person such as John Kabat. Casual chat is not enough to create transformation, the depth of information, mixed with wisdom, is. Also, just personally I question if we should use technology to battle the addiction to technology. Sorry but this AMERICAN society just got to learn the benefits of community, in person learning and mentoring. Not everything can or should be easily delivered to us via social media… just my two cents. But I fully complement and respect what you do…..
    may we all become more aware and fully present on our lives!

    • steve stein

      Hi Stevan,
      Thanks so much for the input. We spoke for 90 minutes and we tried to take out a couple of key “snippets” of wisdom from the program – to share and get some feedback. Much gratitude for taking the time to post!

  • Trish Maguire

    The choice of the segment was just right in my view. It showed how ready most of us are, generally unconsciously, to avoid going deeper into a conversation, keep it superficial and easy. This is my experience so far anyway. We’ve bought into a habitual speeding up, a need for more even if it’s useless, to fill the gaping holes getting bigger and bigger in our spirituality. We have teachers, books, videos, meeting places and experiences available like never before, and yet we’ve lost the ability to stop long enough to consider or contemplate what is being offered. Western culture, in my humble opinion, has trained the majority of western people over a period of time to not think but simply act. Seeing Mr. Kabat-Zinn willing to share a slowing down, having a deeper look at what is being discussed, is heart warming and just what I needed right now. Thank you for your efforts.

  • Cilla Brady

    Loved this little ‘snippet’ of your conversation. It was a good reminder for me at the beginning of the year (Tibetan, Vietnamese and Chinese New Year) to consider taking a day of the week as the Sabbath. The tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh does has this concept, but like all busy people who work on the weekends its easy to stray into a seven day week of doing doing doing! So thanks for the reminder.

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