Dr Emmett Miller – The Neuroscience of mind, basketball and The Brooklyn Dodgers. A wisdom profile

Emmett Miller, MD talks with Steve Stein and they discuss his journey and path that lead Emmett from the streets on new york city to being a pioneer in mind-body medicine. Emmett takes us through the incredible science of brain function, the fight or flight syndrome and the phenomenon and importance of quieting the mind. At the end, Emmett takes us through a wonderful guided meditation.
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  • Lindy Bostrom

    Thank you for posting this! While I meditate regularly and am fully on this path of seeing how my mind is responsible for so much in my life – yet the way Dr. Miller talks about it all gave me new insights and I am excited to try my own guided meditations for manifesting the life I truly desire.
    Thank you again

    • steve stein

      Dear Lindy, Thanks so much for the input. Glad you received some ideas and insights. All best.

  • Thank you so very much. Just what I needed today……synchronicity, absolutely wonderful.

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