How are you sleeping? Do you get a good night’s sleep and feel rested when you wake up, or do you spend the night tossing and turning.

Not sleeping properly can mean both the body and mind don’t function properly. It can affect our concentration, assessment of risk and reaction times, as well as being a contributing factor towards poor decision making, not to mention having a negative impact on our weight, relationships and our mental health..

Getting a good night’s sleep is something we all dream of. Sleeping reduces our stress levels, helps us to maintain good relationships, keeps our immune system strong, and looks after both our emotional and mental wellbeing.

Dr Richard Miller, world renowned spiritual teacher, author, yogic scholar, researcher and clinical psychologist is well known for his great work helping us to all get a good night’s sleep. He has put together an outstanding workshop dedicated to just that, entitled How to Improve Sleep and Wellbeing While Lowering Stress and Anxiety.

Here is a preview of what Dr Richard Miller has to say:

We’ve accumulated a sleep debt that we’re really needing to do something about.

We know that when we go to sleep, our body undergoes tremendous changes in hormones. Cortisol levels fall. Eiroy hormone level increases. Blood pressures can lower or increase.

So within a day your body may stop metabolising glucose properly creating a craving. 

Craving for kyra hydrates. Sleep actually is important to eliminate cravings for people

say, who want to lose weight. During sleep we should know that your body temperature drops and your immune system increases. So it’s really important if you want a strong immune system, say, during these times of covid or as we’re entering into the fall, say, and there are more colds or fluids around. One of the best defences we can build for our immune system is by getting good night sleep.
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