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Event Series Event Series: Susun Weed Master Class: Adaptogens

Susun Weed Master Class: Optimum Nutrition the Wise Woman Way

April 4 @ 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Join bestselling author Susun Weed for a five-part series, Optimum Nutrition the Wise Woman Way.

The fun, hands-on, live classes will teach us all about effectively transferring nutrients from our food into our bodies.

About the Master Class:

Your ancestors didn’t ask, ‘What should I eat?’ They asked, ‘Will I have food to survive?’ Nutrition isn’t about following a specific diet; Weston Price found healthy communities thriving on diverse cuisines. It’s about effectively transferring nutrients from your food into your body.

Rather than dictate what you eat, Susun will teach us how to let our diets change us through proper nutrient absorption.

This course will help you:

  • Abandon your food anxieties
  • embrace nutritional wisdom,
  • and learn to nourish yourself the natural way.

Join us in this journey of holistic self-nourishment.

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Master Class Dates:

  • Session I (Thursday, 4/4 at 7 PM ET)
  • Session II (Monday, 4/8, at 7 PM ET)
  • Session III (Thursday, 4/11, at 7 PM ET)
  • Session IV (Monday, 4/15, at 7 PM ET)
  • Session V (Thursday, 4/18, at 7 PM ET)

Visit the registration page for complete details.

(Note that there will be one Zoom link for all 5 sessions.)

Course Outline

April 4, Class 1: Raw vs Cooked Debate 

• Cell walls and cell membranes
• A short trip through the digestive tract
• What Weston Price discovered about health-promoting diets
• Five ways to cook your food Take a moment for gratitude.
April 8, Class 2: Fiber and Fat Keep You Fit 
• Macro-nutrients: The lowdown on protein, fat, and carbs
• Fiber’s super powers • Healthy gut microbiome.
• Breakfast?
• Cornerstone foods: dairy and grain Pick—and immediately eat—any wild leaf first thing every day for a lunar month.
April 11, Class 3: Getting Vitamins and Minerals 
• Micro-nutrients
• ABC of vita-mins • Beyond bones: mineral mysteries
• Nourishing herbal infusions Green on your plate and green in your glass at every meal.

April 15, Class 4: Wild Food is Close at Hand


• The “original keys” to health
• Genetics and nutrition
• Seaweed, mushrooms.
• Berries, greens, roots, and seeds
• Sweet, salty, bland, bitter, umami Make your food beautiful.

April 18, Class 5: Don’t


• Drink water
• Fear sugar
• Eat pepper
• Throw away any food group
• Indulge in “food foibles”
• Skimp on protein Do let your food be your medicine.

 Intro to Kitchen Medicine, or, It’s All in the Condiments

• Garlic, ginger, cinnamon, fennel, orange peel, pestos, oxymels, sipping vinegars, and so much more


April 4
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM