On June 1, I moved my to a coworking space right next to the new World Trade Center for a change of scenery. Every time I get off the subway and walk towards the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, I am overwhelmed by emotion. I try to imagine a plane crashing into this building, and I can’t do it— it’s just impossible for me to make sense of.

But everyday I’m reminded of the people who died, and this horrible tragedy. And so the building acts as a daily reminder of my mortality. When I get to my workspace, I arrive with a sense of presence, purpose, and aliveness. I feel I must make the most out of the day. So I’m extremely grateful to have this powerful building act as a symbol for me to make the most out of my life. .

Cultivating mindfulness of death and awareness of our mortality is really difficult, but so valuable to making our lives more meaningful. Check out The Art of Dying and the Art of Living by Robert Thurman if your’e interested in enhancing your life through cultivating mindfulness of death and increasing your mortality salience.