One of the perks of podcasting, is that I get to meet some incredible people.  On this episode, we speak with one of the co-founders of the Floatworks centre in Vauxhall.  This is the leading place to go for all things sensory deprivation, and with plans to add more float centres in central London, Ed is leading the charge in this ever growing industry.
If you haven’t heard about this already, the concept is simple.  You hire out a pod for an hour or so and float in salt water.  The unique factor is that all senses are quietened.  You are in complete darkness, with no sound, or any other distractions.  We discuss both the physical and mental benefits that can be gained from regular sessions, and why so many people, including top level athletes are now doing this.
This is the second podcast with Ed and the 4th on the benefits of floating.  One of the reasons for this is the parallels it has with meditation. Furthermore, the floatation tank is the perfect environment to meditate as you have no other distractions than your thoughts.  For me, this is a very special and spiritual place and an exited to see the world opening up to it.