Being the “Boss” is never an easy role to have.  You are usually tied up most of the day and never have a chance to put more “gas in the tank” because putting out the fires all day long does not leave any time to refuel.  Being able to recharge never seems to be on the to-do list, but it really is possible if you know how to do it.

There is a Google training program called “Search Inside Yourself,” which can help you learn how to face each new task with a fresh face, a more focused attitude.  Leave the mental baggage behind was designed to help people put down that mental baggage and approach each new situation with a present, focused mindIt quickly became the most highly rated course in all of Google, with huge waiting lists. Search Inside Yourself works in three steps. It begins with attention training to create a quality of mind that is calm and clear.

We then focus on developing a depth of self-knowledge that leads to self-mastery, because when you can clearly and objectively see when and how you are triggered, you can begin to effectively deploy mental and emotional strategies to skillfully navigate those situations. Finally, we cultivate mental skills such as empathy and compassion, which are conducive to better social skills.

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