We are happy to you bring you part two of transcription from Joe Loizzo’s The Mind Wheel. These guided meditations recorded by Dr. Joe Loizzo are meant to support all four horizons of contemplative learning and meditative practice that make up the gradual path to freedom and happiness taught in the Nalanda tradition. 

Reflect on a vessel of healing energy and light and sort of let it out. And as you do this, you find that you’re more able to savor and feel a sort of kindling, igniting a fanning of the flame of healing energy within your nervous system, within your being so that it fills you light and nectar. And sort of do commit whatever energy and awareness you have to your own benefit and the benefit of the world around you. You can imagine all that savor and energy and awareness we’re pulling out and your intentions and actions to the world around, helping living beings as they are. Then imagine that energy coming back to your heart, taking it into your innermost essence and now not only the world around you but the room around you returns to its normal appearance.
Your body and your nervous system return to their normal appearance. At your heart there is the healing essence of the healing mother to commit whatever insider energy you’ve developed in the course of this meditation to your becoming the healing mother over time, embodying your potential to parent yourself and parent others. To free your mind and mobilize your skill and care for the benefit of the world around you through set and intention that if you feel triggered by the world by your interactions, either difficult or overstimulating, you know, do sort of come back into the healing space, the force field and presence of the healing mother and try to perjure your mind-body process of the energy of stress and trauma and purify it into the elixirs, the nectars of healing and the intuitions of healing.
You can, you know, through this practice gradually really transform your system, and also practice that the vase breathing as a way of gradually tapping into your bliss nervous system to give you the energy you need to really sustain and embody this new way of being.

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