We are pleased to bring you this transcribed excerpt from Manly P. Hall.  Is Each Individual Born with a Purpose?  Originally released by the Philosophical Research Society, Better Listen! is pleased to make available to the wider public a series of very special edition audio recordings from Manly P. Hall.

It is actually within the range of human endeavor that man today could be economically secure and at the same time develop his proper personality. I think it is possible. But it will require greater effort. But this greater effort produces a greater reward. The reason why we do not realize this is that we keep our eyes too close to the economic pattern under which we live.

Today particularly the possibility of balanced personal growth rests with our people, especially the American woman. It is more and more possible for her to divide and organize her resources so that she can develop more in the form of a well balanced integrated internal than ever before in history. The same thing is true to a less degree but an increasing degree with men.

The average person today is not under the pressure of labor that he knew long ago. He no longer is up at 6 workings and to work until sundown every day of the week with the exception perhaps of Sunday. And a few hundred years ago most of Sunday was devoted to the church. The individuals started this religion on Sunday at dawn and was at it until they went to bed.

So that he, again, had very little resource left for his own personal contemplation. Today with shortening hours are with greater advantages, more vacation time than ever before. The individual could and should begin to develop his own resources in a more balanced manner. And every day of the year we see a new indication of the reduction of man-hours in the work of the individual.

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