This NPR interview features the founder of modern Western mindfulness, Jon Kabat-Zinn, discussing how to practice mindfulness in everyday life.

From the interview:
JKZ: “In some sense, we’re all living like the proverbial frog in the pot of water which has a giant flame underneath it. The transition from an analog world 20 or 30 years ago to an increasingly digital world is actually driving all sorts of different problems in our society, as well as beauty because you can’t live without the technology in some ways, and it’s hard to live fully with it. We’re perpetually distracted now, and capable of distracting ourselves infinitely because we have these supercomputers in our pockets and we don’t necessarily use them for phones or texts. We’re constantly checking our email and Instagram account and how many people liked me on Facebook, and it’s driving us in some sense nuts, and I think has the potential to addict us.”

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