José Stevens

Shamanism, Spirituality and Psychedelics

Speaker Bio

Welcome to another episode of “Summits,” where we delve deep into the interconnected realms of shamanism, spirituality, and the fascinating world of psychedelics. Today, we’ll be exploring profound insights with Dr. Jose Stevens, an expert with a rich background in sociology, anthropology, and traditional shamanic practices. Drawing from his apprenticeship under the tutelage of a renowned shaman, Marikami, Dr. Stevens will share his knowledge on the right approach to engaging with psychedelic experiences and the importance of “soul age” and spiritual maturity in this sacred journey.

Our discussion spans a variety of compelling topics, from distinguishing between lab-created psychedelics and sacred plant medicines to meditation practices that tap into deeper levels of awareness. We’ll also hear about how plant medicines can catalyze both enlightening and challenging encounters, and why focus during these experiences is crucial.

Dr. Stevens, the co-founder of Power Path Seminars and a seasoned shamanic counselor, will open up about his personal connection to the spirit world through plant medicine and the transformative potential of these natural substances. Alongside these personal anecdotes and cultural insights, we’ll touch on the controversial trend of mainstreaming shamanism and the responsibilities that come with navigating these powerful indigenous traditions.

Today’s conversation is not just a dive into the mystical. Dr. Stevens leads us through a powerful visualization exercise to help us access higher states of consciousness. And for those eager to explore further, we’ll discuss how to access his wealth of knowledge on the Powerpath website, where both free and premium resources await.

So, ready your mind and expand your perceptions. This episode of “Summits” promises to be an enlightening expedition through the synergistic landscape of shamanism, spirituality, and psychedelics with Dr. Jose Stevens. Let’s begin.

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