In this clip, integral philosopher Ken Wilber talks about how the two-party political system doesn’t work well anymore (the polarizing 2016 election makes this issue extremely clear).  Wilber suggests that we allow the “orange (scientific worldview),” “green (pluralistic, egalitarian worldview)” and “amber (~religious conservative worldview)” their own unique parties. Right now, Democrats are generally looped under the green and orange world-views, and Republicans are generally a mix of amber, red (power-centric worldview), and orange (financial conservatives.)

The gulf between the orange and green world-views is exemplified by the polarization between Hillary and Bernie. Although the polarization is excessive, having three major parties would allow people to better identify with their political interests. 

Might we imagine a healthier, more developed conservatism 10 years down the line? One that embraces planet-centric pluralism, societal responsibility, science, and individual empowerment as well as differentiates from toxic forms of ethnic/egocentricity exemplified by the current Republican party? This planet oriented conservatism to me would be more inspiring than the current wave of progressivism, which in my eyes, is fragmented and doesn’t emphasize the full expression/self-actualization of all individuals in a satisfying way.

What do you think about the three major parties and a more developed form of conservatism? How does Trump fit into all of this? Is he helping or hurting the future of the Republican party? What worldview does he represent?

Let us know what you think of the 2016 election in the comments.

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