Trying to get our mind to turn off is a never ending battle.

Your brain just will not allow you to relax, clear your head or even sleep. So at night, we go over the events from the day when we should be trying to sleep and re-charge for the next day.  We even continue to think about all the scenerios that could have developed from just one action, but they never do.

Even worse would be your thoughts invading your mind all day long as you attempt to move through your day and actually get something accomplished.  At this point anxiety is probably your best friend.  The stress that comes along with a very active mind is common.  But it’s not they way it should be.   Your life is passing before your eyes and you are not even stopping to enjoy it.

Learning to be mindful will help you to be aware of everything going on around you and help you to pay attention and understand what you need to do with those experiences.