Meditation is Not What You Think with Jon Kabat-Zinn

In this StreetSmart conversation, Steve Stein talks with Jon Kabat-Zinn about his new book Meditation is Not What You Think. They talk about mindfulness in the context of the present digital age. How has mindfulness changed throughout history? How can we be present in the current era?

What kinds of new challenges are we facing when it comes to being mindful? How can we transition from a culture of doing to a culture of being?

Check out Jon’s new book here.
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  • Great interview! Very insightful

  • Great interview, thank you. I have been a student of Jon’s since he did a presentation on Mother’s Day in Chicago many years ago and have studied & practiced mindfulness as a way of living my life ever since.
    Recently, 23 weeks ago to be exact, I had a massive heart attack, stroke and died for a brief period of time. My recovery looked doubtful but I have made a miraculous recovery in part due to one of my sons awareness early on of what I needed. He, also studied with Jon & Saki. My son put headphones on me looping the body scan for days on end. I was on life support 16 days but somehow Jon’s familiar healing voice worked wonders. I am grateful and thought you might find this interesting. I teach all my own patients mindfulness practices however they can receive it. Thank you again. Christiana

  • Steven Michael Pague

    Love that guy. Love you both. Thanks for doing great work.

  • Steve Stein

    Thank you Steven Michael Pague, right back at you!

  • Thanks Steve, for bring Jon into my room via my personal device.
    Easy listening.

  • Jon is an inspiration and such an amazing man. He has changed my life. I can’t wait for my delivery on book 1 tomorrow!

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