By Janie Fox

August 20, 2021

jon kabat zinn mindfulness
World of Relaxation by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Before I learned to meditate, I had severe panic attacks at all times of the day and night. Unable to sleep, the medication prescribed by my primary care doctor was barely helping. But as  a member of MasterClass, I thought there might be help,

So I asked if they could possibly start a class for people, like myself, to learn self-help for anxiety management. After having respiratory failure and being on a ventilator for two weeks, I suffered from extreme anxiety and panic attacks, which were sometimes crippling.

Janie recovering from (possibly) one of the first cases of covid.

(on the left a picture of Janie recovering from (possibly) one of the first cases of covid)

Within a day or two, the MasterClass team had brought in Jon Kabat-Zinn for mindfulness meditation training.  When I told my doctor, he was thrilled and I was like a hungry animal consuming all of the information that Jon offered in his classes!

I searched for Jon Kabat-Zinn on Google and found The World of Relaxation with Jon Kabat-Zinn Preview Video on the website. I have meditated using this video at least once every day since early February, 2021, but usually several times a day.

I realized at the first start that I needed a mindfulness meditation journal to keep track of my meditation times and medications, including the time when I would take my seat until the length of time I was in a meditation posture. So I bought a pretty binder and made one for my own use. It has worked out very well, but is nearly full of my notes, so it’s time for a new one! 😀

I have continued my meditation practice since February and have added some others. But I really don’t know how I survived without it! Training under Jon gave me back my life! 

 <3 Thank you, Jon, BetterListen! and the MasterClass crew! I will be forever grateful.