Never Give Up: Encouragement from Dr. Bernie Siegel

In this video, Dr. Bernie Siegel encourages you to keep fighting and never give up, no matter what you may be going through. Dr. Bernie Siegel has spent 40 years devoted to cancer patients and their families. His alternative medicine practices have worked and statistics and studies prove it.
Check out more by Bernie Siegel here. 


  • I simply love you, Big Love.
    You get right to the heart of what cancer is about, how we got out of whack. I was lucky enough to have had and listened deeply to a set of cassettes you made I. The 1980s. I lent them to others and lost access to them. I sure wish they were available today! Seeing this video though has reaffirmed that I find my own way and have love as a guiding torch.

  • Very self empowering.
    You can feel the energy and conviction.

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