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Join us for The Surfing the Tsunami of Change Summit: Psychedelics, Therapy and Society.

This FREE One-Day Summit brings together world class speakers, best-selling authors, change-makers and innovative thinkers to offer pragmatic and optimistic perspectives to help ride the tsunami of change engulfing our world. Experience cutting edge ideas, tools, and practices that will inspire you to be more compassionate, resilient, and effective in these times of adversity..

How the 1-Day Online Event Works

On the morning of 2/29 you will receive a link to the morning sessions which will be live The link in your day of the summit email will give you access to both morning and afternoon summit sessions. The morning sessions will be 6am – 2pm PST while evening sessions will be from 2pm-10pm PST.

You won’t be on this journey alone.

In this immersive experience, our speakers will share their unparalleled insights into the world of psychedelics, offering a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science.

Whether you’re a seasoned psychonaut or simply curious about the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics, this summit is the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons.

We will be learning about plant based medicine and…

  • The transformative alchemy of psychedelics and their integration into modern psychotherapy
  • The intersection of business, spirituality, and psychedelics with a focus on authentic living
  • The imperative role of mindfulness and ethics on your psychedelic journey
  • The potent fusion of psychiatry and shamanism for deep healing
  • Hearing anecdotes of recovery and resilience facilitated by psychedelics

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