We all know sleep is important, it is essential for our overall health and well-being just as food, air and water are.  It is the way we recharge for the next day so poor sleeping patterns really have a negative impact on our lives.

So how do we get a good night’s sleep?

Richard Miller PhD has spent his career exploring sleep, why it is so important and what happens when we sleep, as well as what happens when we are sleep deprived. 

Richard Miller has created a wonderful program How to Improve Sleep and Well-Being While Lowering Stress and Anxiety Workshop, which also includes The Sleep Masterclass.

Today we share with you this great preview, of the program, this particular preview is one of the meditations, so we invite you to take just a few short minutes for yourself, breathe and enjoy this calming, restful clip.

Even in the midst of the most challenging times, we may be facing, there’s something about us that actually can’t be harmed or hurt or injured.

 And if we can understand this, then we can address what has been injured or harmed.

 But also we can address how to get a very deep and good night of restful sleep.

 So the meditation I’d like to take you into is really about mining this sense of wellbeing to the surface of our experiencing so that we can nourish it all day long.

 And especially at the moment when we’re either taking a nap or when we’re falling into deep restful sleep.

 So again take a moment sitting in a comfortable position or you might lie down in a comfortable position.

 But again, you’re welcome to stand or even walk around as you’re participating in this meditation.

 So let the words that I’ve been speaking fall away.

 Let your senses open again to the environment around you.

 The different sounds, temperature of the air on your skin, sensations where your body is touching the surfaces that are providing support.

 And as much as you can, let’s shift again from the thinking mind more just to the sensations that are present in the body.

Different stages of sleep – meditation preview

For those who want an even more in-depth experience, we invite you click on this link to get the full program Sleep Masterclass – How To Improve Sleep and Well Being While Lowering – BetterListen!