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“Dive deep into the wisdom of mythology with our latest StreetSmart Wisdom Podcast episode featuring insightful guests, Mikey Bracket and Robert Bly. In an enriching conversation, we unravel how myths like Iron John provide a roadmap to navigate life’s complexities and enhance personal growth.

Here are our top 5 takeaways from this profound discussion:

1. Mythology as a Mirror to the Soul: Robert Bly shares the incredible potential of myths to reflect our deepest selves and help us confront life’s challenges, including personal, familial, and relational dynamics. Delving into myths such as Iron John encourages us to look inward, acknowledging and understanding the multifaceted aspects of our being.

2. The Inner Pantheon Personas: Mikey Bracket brings to light the diverse cast of characters within us – from the evil stepmother to the meek child. By exploring these personas, we grant ourselves the freedom to understand and embrace our complexities without judgment.

3. Mythopoetic Men’s Movement Insights: Delving into the significance of Bly’s influence on men’s developmental psychology and organizations, Mikey emphasizes the transformative power of storytelling and self-exploration pioneered by Robert Bly and his colleagues, reinforcing the need for authenticity in today’s world.

4. Healing Through the Hero’s Journey: Our guests discuss how internal reflection and embracing our ‘platoon’ of internal parts before taking action can lead to richer, more committed life decisions. They underscore the persistent value of stories like “Iron John” in promoting virtue and self-awareness.

5. The Significance of Soul Work and Poetry: Mikey Bracket personally shares how recording the work of Robert Bly allowed him to embrace the joy of poetry and depth of soul work, challenging the quick fixes of contemporary self-help with robust, thought-provoking alternatives.

Join us on this insightful journey as we connect the dots between ancient wisdom and modern living, available exclusively to the StreetSmart Wisdom Podcast community, sponsored by Wisdom Feed Plus. Visit or follow Mikey on Instagram @Mikey.brackett to continue the conversation.

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