One of the best ways to reduces stress and clear your aura of negative energy is to take a bath with sea salt, according to Brett Bevell, Reiki Master and author of Energy Healing for Everyone and many other books.
Sea Salt Aura Cleanse
Without having any training in energy healing, this is a practical way to clear negative energy and make you feel less stressed. If you don’t have the chance to immerse yourself in a bath, you can simply rub your body with salt in a washcloth, paying special attention to the place at the back of your neck.

Places to focus on are the top of the neck at the base of the skull, where there are two acupuncture spots known as The Gates of Consciousness – that’s where other people’s energy will attach to you. Have you ever heard the expression, someone’s a pain in the neck? Brett says there’s a real reason for that and it’s not necessarily those people consciously mean to give you a pain in the neck, but it’s what happens when you’ve been around someone who’s negative to you.
The best thing to reduce stress is to take a bath with sea salt, but if even if you’re not in a place where that’s convenient, you can do this simple ritual by rubbing salt in your hands and placing them on the back of your neck and shift your vibe in a quick way.
For more practical energy healing exercises, check out Brett Bevell’s website and books.