This electrifying excerpt from a service at Agape International Spiritual Center recorded Easter 2008 brings us right into the room as Michael Bernard Beckwith invites attendees to participate in a celebration of spirit.

Take a look around for a second and look at the shape of spiritual beauty that is revealing and manifesting and reflecting the image and likeness of God in myriad ways this morning. As you look around, just take in this awesome site. As you hear the inaudible…  hear that inaudible vibration move through our choir, feel the motion of the universe move through the movement of Agape, and feel the divine pulsating through your own heartbeat. I welcome you to the Agape International Spiritual Center, a non-local idea of the mind of God.
“Have consciousness, we travel.” I welcome you here on this wonderful day of celebrating the regenerating rejuvenating resurrecting spirit that is within us all as we seek to discover and release that cosmic good that is our life. In which no circumstance or situation can permanently keep it down, deny it or hinder it.
Something within us is stronger than anything that we may be facing and this is what this day is all about. I welcome you into this vibration, and we continue in the service with our affirmations and purpose statement, and they will be delivered this morning by an individual, who when you look up the vibration of selfless service in the metaphysical dictionary, you’ll run into Robert Harris otherwise known as Buddha Bob, because of his selfless giving for many, many years as being the director of our parking ministry as well as other things that he found himself in service. He will be doing that particular aspect of the service. He will be followed by the Rev. Cheryl Ward, the dean of our university at Agape, and many of you have sat in classes with her and seen her speak at Agape. She will be giving the selected reading of the day and anchoring us in a moment of prayer.


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