Susun Weed Nourishing Herbal Infusions 5-part Master Class

Join Master Herbalist and best selling author Susun Weed for a five-part series, Nourishing Herbal Infusions. The fun, hands-on, live classes will teach us all about safe and effective herbal infusions that can help us achieve stronger bones, fewer infections, faster healing, better sleep, less inflammation, freedom from allergies, perfect blood pressure, shiny hair, calm nerves, strong hearts, healthy livers, resilient kidneys, protection against cancer, and a brighter mood, all for pennies a day!

The 5-session series will teach you: 

* How to make nourishing herbal infusions for yourself

* The best herbs to infuse

* Which herbs to avoid

* Where (and how) to buy or gather the herbs you need

* How to use:

  • Nettle for energy
  • Oatstraw for a juicy sex life
  • Comfrey for flexible strength
  • Linden for joy
  • Red clover for core strength
  • Other herbs to nourish, mend, and heal your woes

* How infusions change you at the cellular level

Plus, get your questions for Susun answered.

Master Class Dates:

  • Session I (Monday, 1/15 at 7 PM ET)
  • Session II (Thursday, 1/18, at 7 PM ET)
  • Session III (Monday, 1/22, at 7 PM ET)
  • Session IV (Thursday, 1/25, at 7 PM ET)
  • Session V (Monday, 1/29, at 7 PM ET)

Visit the registration page for complete details.

(Note that there will be one Zoom link for all 5 sessions.)

Course Outline

Session I
1. Introduction to preparing and using nourishing infusions
2. Stinging nettle
3. Oatstraw

Session II
1. Comfrey and external uses
2. Linden
3. Rebrews

Session III
1. Red clover
2. Hibiscus
3. Mullein/ mullein milk

Session IV
1. Astragalus
2. Burdock
3. Eleuthero

Session V
1. Elder berries
2. Chickweed
3. Preview of next series: Live Long, Live Well: Adaptogens and Mushrooms
A sneak peek into our next program