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Mindful Business Audio Lecture Part 2

 Mindful Business: Inspiring Resilience, Unleashing Innovation How businesses and leaders can prevent burnout, optimize learning, and sustain creativity in

Dr. Dan Siegel on The Ideal Way to Raise a Child

In this Hugs For A Brighter Future Series, Dr. Dan Siegel, psychiatrist, discusses the ideal way to raise a child.

Mindful Complementary Therapies for Depression and Anxiety

Complementary therapies are mental health treatment approaches that aren’t normally practiced by Western psychologists and psychiatrists—though they don’t have to be

Mindful Organizations

Bestselling author, Daniel Siegel and one of the leading researchers around the neuroscience of mindfulness, talks about ‘Creating adaptive, resilient

Mindful Families: To Medicate or Meditate

This lecutres explores mindful alternatives to the epidemic of labels and pills for our children and teens. It explores the