What Is Gratitude?

Gratitude is easy when we’re on a beach in Malibu, but how do you feel grateful when life feels less


  I watch as green jewels with gold flecks wait to become butterflies. Two Monarchs pause in their chrysalises. I check

Grateful Changemakers: ChangingAging

“All of ChangingAging’s performances, all of our advocacy, all of our innovation is driven at its core by love.  Love

Gratitude: A Radical Approach to Life

Cultivating, practicing, and sustaining gratefulness as an approach to life is radical – because it flies in the face of internal and

Accidental Opportunity to Practice Mindfulness

Recently my daughter was involved in a car accident in my car – they’re both fine, don’t worry. The entire

From Disconnection to Connection (featuring Brother David)

Brother David discussing disconnection and connection at Wisdom 2.0.

Negative Beliefs and How To Overcome Them

Written by Ashwina Gohil I am certain that at some point in our lives we have all felt negative or

The Social, Intellectual, and Health Benefits of Cultivating Gratitude

Written by Cindy Boussemart, a freelance writer from Ecaillon, France Gratitude is a positive emotion that can make a real

4 Simple Practices For Cultivating Positivity and Getting Rid of Negativity

Written by Nigel Ford, who’s writing career has spanned several newspapers, magazines, a novel, and endless freelance articles. Neil is

How Cultivating Gratitude Improves Your Brain

Written by Sean Cashen, who is a former Nuclear Reactor Operator for the U.S. Navy and Current Managerial Economics student.