The Power of Story

The following is a transcribed excerpt from Healing Laughter, and Miracles with Dr. Bernie Siegel Steve Stein: To kind of finish

Healing a Country Divided

Written by Christopher Luard of Such Sweet Thunder I wrote this a year ago, just after the election. As I

Creating a Culture of Healing

There are simple rituals that can be found in the roots of mindfulness traditions of Buddhism. Based on mindfulness principles,

The World of Relaxation: A Guided Mindfulness Meditation Practice for Healing in the Hospital and/or at Home Streaming

This program was released in 1982 and re-mastered in 2009. For that reason, on the DVD version, Jon Kabat-Zinn looks

Yoga As A System Of Energy Medicine

 Beryl Bender Birch, spiritual teacher, yoga therapist, and author of Power Yoga, Beyond Power Yoga, and Boomer Yoga takes

Healing the Father Son Wound

 In this moving, compassionate presentation John Lee shows how to break the crippling cycle of emotional woundedness that is