John Lee on Emotional Regression

An intimate evening with John Lee on the subject of emotional regression. Video by the Mentone Arts Council. Like John Lee?


Psychology of Desire

 It is common in both Buddhism and Freudian psychoanalysis to treat desire as if it is the root of


Four Essentials Of A Dream Relationship Preview

Nearly all of us have an ideal of what a “dream” relationship would be, but very few of us are


I Hate the Beach: Psychology of Anger

This weekend I realized I hate the beach (sort of). I do most of my reading on my smartphone, and


Soulcraft vs. Psychotherapy

When a woman or man has embarked upon the journey of soul initiation (a rare pursuit in the contemporary world),


The Angry Therapist: A No Bullshit Guide to Personal Sustainable Change

 The Angry Therapist: A No BS Guide for Finding and Living Your Own Truth by John Kim came out last week. His


Behind the Scenes with Robert Bly

Steve Stein begins his Street Smart video series with stories of Robert Bly, the Human Shadow, and the Men’s Movement.


What is Depth Psychology?

Depth psychology is the study of unconscious mental processes and motives, particularly in how it relates to psychoanalytic theory and