John Lee on Emotional Regression

An intimate evening with John Lee on the subject of emotional regression. Video by the Mentone Arts Council. Like John Lee?


A Healthy Life And A Healthy Body by Bernie Siegel, MD

Studies reveal that women diagnosed with the same cancers as men live longer and that married men live longer than


Four Essentials Of A Dream Relationship

Nearly all of us have an ideal of what a “dream” relationship would be, but very few of us are


Can an Empath Have a Healthy Romantic Relationship?

Empaths are people who feel very, very strongly. They are highly sensitive to the emotions, moods, and needs of others


Being Free Together—Ram Dass

In this video, Ram Dass discusses how fulfilling relationships work. Check out BetterListen’s Ram Dass collection here.


IT’S ALL HAPPENING #81 -STAN TATKIN on Relationships

 This It’s All Happening podcast episode discusses relationships. Why are relationships so hard? If you’re anything like I am

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Why Do Relationships Exist in The First Place? With Emily Fletcher

In this Mindvalley Academy clip, meditation expert Emily Fletcher teaches us that relationships exist for two reasons: To teach us


Aphrodite Training

In this 10-minute playlist of samples from Marianne Williamson’s live workshop held in Los Angeles, The Aphrodite Training, you’ll get