The following is an excerpt from “The UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broker Brain by Healing Your Body First” 

We’re in the middle of the greatest medical revolution in the last hundred years, in fact it’s the medical equivalent of Columbus saying the world is round and not flat or Galileo proving that the earth is not the center of the universe. What if I told you that the way we think about disease and mental illness and our brain aging actually has nothing, nothing to do with how our body actually works.
The secret your going to learn is this, that your mood problems, your memory problems, your trouble focusing, your ADD and depression are not all in your head. They’re in your body. The breakthrough is this, by fixing your body, you will automatically be fixing your broken brain and experience an Ultramind.
Most of you have been touched by this epidemic of broken brains which deprives children of their future, the elderly of their past and adults of their present. But now you can have a brain that allows you to fully experience everyday. All the joys and sorrows of being human. To show up and do what it is you want in life without being slowed down or blocked by a brain that keeps you from fully being with your family, your freinds, your work and most importantly your own heart and soul.
All you have to do is optimize your nutrition, balance your hormones, cool off inflamation, fix your digestive system, enhance detoxification, boost your energy metabolism and calm your mind. This is a unique program that can turn your broken brain into a super powered brain.
The body and mind are a single dynamic bi-directional system. What you do to one has enourmous impact on the other. What you do to your body, you do to your brain and the communication is bi-directional. Top down and bottom up. So, your brain affects your body, your body affects your brain. Medicine has isolated our body parts as if they’re unrelated and disconnected. We need to put all the pieces of this puzzle, our bodies puzzle, back together so that we can rebalance the whole system. The brain and the body are a shared system. They share everything. Every nutrient, every thought, every activity and every function. What is in your body, is in your brain. Fix your body and you will fix your brain automatically.

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