This anecdote from WisdomFeed Founder, Steve Stein shares a story about producing Jon Kabat-Zinn’s World of Relaxation Video and how it helped a brain cancer survivor relax and heal, if even for just a while.

I share the story of a brain cancer survivor who is impacted by my producing the World of Relaxation Video from Jon Kabat-Zinn. I’ll explain how the “why” behind my work is the key to keeping me motivated and fulfilled..

Through my work as a mindfulness media producer, I’ve encountered people that experienced healing and sometimes life-changing effects from our products and programs. This story is about one of those people, and the impact my work has had on making the world a better place.


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Transcription below 👇

Hello friends, my name is Steve Stein. I’m the founder of Better Listen and Wisdom Feed. And wanna tell you a little anecdote about, let me start with this. A few months ago I heard a motivational speaker say something about resetting your why. I guess it stuck with me, that idea of resetting your why. Why do you get up in the morning?

Why do you do things? You know, what motivates you? So it got me thinking about different things that I’ve done over the years, producing self-help wellness. Metaphysical Street Smart Wisdom is our podcast. We’re trying to take ancient ideas down to street level, trying to make them practical for friends. Like for the friends I grew up with in Brooklyn, who,

if they heard the word chakra, their eyes would roll. Although by now, even my friends from Brooklyn are familiar with this stuff. That was once kind of lunatic fringe and now it’s mainstream. Well, here’s a quick story about this from my, let me go back to my wall to show you something. This is World of Relaxation from John Cab Zen.

What year was it from Holy Smokes, 1984. There’s a whole story how I found it initially, but that’s, I’ve already told that story. But for this story, you see this format, it, it’s a format that I think it’s half-inch real to real video, not easy to find a player that that could play that back. So in 1991,

we started working on turning this, getting the beautiful audio and music and the harps of cor, the harp of beautiful heart music and John’s incredible meditation for people in a hospital setting. So we turned it into a D V D, and we’ve sold some and we’ve given away literally thousands of these throughout the pandemic. I just wanted to tell you a story.

I was actually, this is the person came across this today. Brandon Smith was helping me edit, taking the components that we had from this old video and turning it into digital. So he was at, Brandon was editing it in Michigan and it was going fine, the whole editing process. Then I got an email from him and he said his girlfriend, this is years ago,

I haven’t been in touch with him. His girlfriend’s father had terminal brain cancer, you know, terrible story. And he was living with his girlfriend, or I’m not sure if they were living together, and she said, can she get a copy of this world of relaxation video from John Katzin that we were working on? Give it to her father, you know,

to see if it would help. Cause he was, you know, he was not well at all. And I asked John, and John said, as long as they give us feedback to see if it helps or not, sure, we’d be happy. You know, of course, be happy to share it. So about two weeks later, I get an email from Brandon,

maybe it was a handwritten note, I’m not sure. But two minutes later, two, two weeks later, I, I heard from Brandon and the quote from his, it wasn’t his father-in-law, but his girlfriend’s father, who was, you know, terminal brain cancer. Pretty sad. Anyway, we get an email that said, I don’t much go in for this kind of meditation stuff.

In fact, I’ve never meditated before in my life. I’ve listened to the tape two times and it’s the best I’ve ever felt in my life. I can’t wait. I can’t, what did he say? I can’t imagine this is, this was it. I can’t imagine how good I’ll feel when I listen to it every day. And I love that cause there was someone who didn’t know me or John Capson from Adam,

and it helped. And this is years ago. And that’s part of my why. That’s why I’ve been working almost all my adult career in getting out messages that are backed by science, inspiration, and practical things that could help people in everyday life. So world of Relaxation. It’s still for free, the video and the audio, you can get it in the link below.

And I just wanted to share that story. What is your why and you need to reset your why. Would love to hear the comments below. Thanks.