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We are proud to tell you about a new book from our Friends at Parallax Press.

In this episode, host Steve Stein engages in a compelling conversation with mindfulness educator and counselor, Celia Landman. They explore the ancient practice of equanimity, its relevance in preventing burnout for healthcare professionals, and its application in parenting through crisis.

Celia Landman shares her expertise on mindfulness, emphasizing the importance of embracing openheartedness in facing emotional pain. She offers practical tools for self-awareness and discusses her upcoming book, “When the Whole World Tips: Parenting Through Crisis with Mindfulness and Balance,” which draws on her personal experiences and research.

As the episode unfolds, Celia and Steve delve into the concepts of self-compassion, vulnerability, and the ability to stand in the middle of life’s challenges with balance. They also touch on the significance of practical, evidence-based ideas for everyday life and the power of connection.

Tune in to gain valuable wisdom and practical takeaways for everyday life. Don’t miss this insightful and timely conversation on the StreetSmart Wisdom Podcast.

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