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The WisdomFeed+ Community is officially HERE! We’re thrilled you are here and considering joining this exclusive online community for wisdom and wellness seekers of all levels.

Below is a sneak peek of the upcoming events and live workshops. Live events are free; WF+ members get unlimited access to all events, including past and exclusive member-only workshops. Be sure to jump on the WisdomFeed+ waitlist to be the first to know when doors open again!

upcoming wisdomfeed+ speakers

Upcoming Live Events

Oct 10   Beryl Bender – Harvest – The 4 Great Efforts and Pre Time To Chill Challenge Community Gathering 

Oct 6, 13, 20   Gentle Yoga with Cecile de Bretange – A 3 Part Series The Harvest Within-Earth, Water & Wood

Oct 3, 10 Steven Michael Pague – (Series 2 )- Mindful Qigong for Calm and Clarity – a 3 part series

Oct 2  Sunday Night Reset with Yoga Nidra with Ashley Baer – Special Three Night Series

September 29 Jay Vidyarthi – Mindset Reset – Gratitude and a Mindfulness Practice

Past Events

September 6 3 pm  Dr Joel Fuhrman Live Q & A – Don’t Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind – Workshop LAUNCH

July 27th 1 pm EST  Jay Vidyarthi – Wise Guide – Wellness Deep Dive

July 27th 2 pm EST  Monte Farber: Mindful Astrology and Wellness Deep Dive

July 27th 4. 30 pm EST Ashley Baer: Mindfulness As Self Care Hosted by Steve Stein

August 4th 2 pm EST JB/SS TNH Tribute Get together: WisdomFeed+ Speaker Event

July 15th at 3PM EST: Rod Stryker Live Deep Dive Into Wellness

June 14th 3pm EST: Deep Breathing and Meditation with NY Times best selling author of Love Medicine and Miracles Bernie Siegel MD

June 15th 7pm EST: Steven Michael Pague – Qi Gong sessions

June 15th 8.30pm EST Session with John Lee – The Breath, The Body and Creativity

April 18 at 8pm EST: Dr. Greg Eckel on ‘New Life’ – Rebirth and Renaissance

April 20 at 8pm EST: Thomas Moore on ‘New Life’

April 25th at 1:30pm EST: Dr Emmett Miller with Steve Stein on Rebirth and Renaissance

April 25: 5 Minutes To Chill Meditation Challenge Begins

April 27th at 7:30pm EST: Jodi Baretz goes live with Steve Stein

April 28 at 7:30pm EST: Richard Miller (iRest)

May 2 at 3pm EST: Stephanie Lopez (iRest) on Rebirth: Meeting Each Moment, Just As It Is

May 3 at 9am EST: Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt LIVE Q&A – Four Steps To A Thriving Relationship

May 24th 2pm EST: to join use this link Monthly Coaching Call with Steve Stein and Jodi Baretz

May 24th 3pm EST: to join use this link Thomas Moore’s premiere of ‘Spring Wisdom’ Hosted Live By Steve Stein

May 31st 2pm EST: to join use this link Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt Premiere Spring Cleaning hosted live with Steve Stein

May 31st 1pm EST: to join use this link Emmett Miller’s Premiere Full Presentation Spring Wisdom, Spring Cleaning, hosted live by Steve Stein

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  • Weekly curriculum designed to move you forward on your success path
  • Accountability and implementation support from community groups
  • Regular drop in yoga and meditation classes
  • Access to the Surfing the Tsunami of Change Workshop Series featuring some of the biggest and brightest names in wellness
  • And much more!

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